Azaleh was first introduced to me by my friend and ex-teammate Thomas who sparkled my love for ambient-inspired chill electronica back in 2017. So far, I've always known the German producer as someone who writes slow-motion and deeply intimate compositions on the rather dark spectrum of things. While that description remains true, his new track "Meertraum" is definitely a look into a new direction. Now, I know this will sound weird, but the whole thing feels both full of hope and absolutely despairing.

It is everything I envisioned for our Essential Electronica playlists. At the end of the day, it all falls down to your prism and how you look at the world in that exact moment to shape how you perceive this track. And since I feel in a writing mode, I wanted to highly recommend Joe Rogan's newest podcast episode featuring Robert Downey Jr. The actor playing Iron Man talks about this particular treat of our generation where it feels like taking a break is just no option. That we live in a culture that rarely encourages saying "don't chase that thing". It really got me thinking whether and to what degree this extends in everyday's people lives - not people in the public, actors and musicians. And while I would say it's less, it does feel like vanishing and disappearing and hitting that stop button is not... that easy? Whether that comes from a place of fear of judgemental or just... you know times are moving fast - it doesn't really matter. What matters is that it does happen. At least I feel this way very often. Yeah, those are the thoughts this track makes me think about.

When it comes to the inspiration behind "Meertraum ", Azaleh shares...

I wrote this track during our family vacation at the baltic sea. Listening to it now takes me right back there... I hope you can feel the sea vibes too <3

" Meertraum " is such a beautiful timeless escape.

posted by Ivo
January 2020