Waking up to a new B-ahwe and TAMBALA was an instant feel-good Friday vibe.

Catching up with my folks this weekend, so playing this mesh of upbeat r&b, alternative hip hop and soul paired with the morning coffee and the 39 degrees heat in my hometown is a great way to wrap this week. I love how fluid their flow is and one can tell they have worked previously together.

The musicianship on the instrumental is simply put superb. That jazzy feel the whole thing is wrapped around is some high-level %&$^. And don't even start me on those B-ahwe bars. How effortlessly she switches between rapping and singing, right?

B-ahwe shares,

“I used themes of time and the changing of seasons to address issues surrounding mental health.” B-ahwe explains “The isolation we’ve been through during the pandemic has provided a bit too much time for introspection; I hope this song reaches people to let them know that they’ve not been alone in that.”

"Circles is about the constant cycles the mind sends us in as we try to evolve and move forward. Just when we feel we have found ourselves in the next steps of your life our minds start to re-run difficult past memories, or makes us question if we've really grown or developed. We want life to be this linear route where we just keep pushing forward and once something has ended we don’t have to deal with it again. But we have to see life in a none linear way, we are always learning from the past but that doesn’t mean it rules us and it doesn’t mean that we’re not growing."

The tuneis the 2nd single taken from her upcoming EP Motions scheduled for release on September 17th.

posted by Ivo
July 2021