Banyan has teamed up with esteemed vocalist Benji Lewis for their heart-warming new single “Anywhere” – a chill electronic gem that thematically explores finding your way out of the darkness.

We’ve featured numerous tracks from Florida-based duo Banyan, although “Anywhere” certainly stands as one of the stand-out tracks in their catalog. This time around they’ve borrowed from UKG to craft an engaging rhythm section full of surprises, while glossy pianos heighten the track’s emotive allure. Benji’s soothing vocals are further complemented by this distant, atmospheric pad toward the second half to usher in quite a compelling climax.

Banyan shares,"Anywhere came to life after Benji reached out to share some toplines he’d been working on. We’re both huge fans of his writing so needless to say we were really excited to dive right in."

posted by Lu
November 2023