Florida-based electronic duo Banyan surprises listeners with their latest release "Every Dawn" and dives into the realm of melodic UKG.

Banyan's extensive catalog is filled with amazing gems, this track however stands out as one of the brightest jewels in their sonic treasury. The lofty vocals offer warmth and comfort with their presence, and this is beautifully complimented by the soft, glistening keys laid across the mix. Banyan has a knack for creating these bright catchy leads. "Every Dawn" is brought to life by this luminous lead in a manner that's difficult to overlook from the moment you hear it. Regardless of whether this acquaints you with hope or feelings of melancholy, there is no denying that this is a deeply emotive experience.

Banyan shares, "The line “Every Dawn, you change it all…” can be interpreted as speaking about one’s relationship with a significant other, higher power, or really anyone in life who’s loving presence moves us deeply, inspires us, and allows us to grow and persevere through hard times".

posted by Lu
last month