I had a stage where I was listening to A LOT of Arabic music thanks particularly thanks to Imarhan. And I love the fact that Barry Can't Swim has combined my love for chilled out house music with an Arabic aesthetic.

There is a sort of comforting allure "El Layali" has and I think a good reason just might be the vintage appeal that creeps up on the listener. The ABSOLUTELY BREATH-TAKING arrangement of the keys dare not escape mention. With this Barry Can't Swim exudes a level of elegance and musical opulence next to the good vibes he bestows upon us.

Barry Can't Swim's "El Layali" Lyrics

A lot of people are looking for the lyrics/sample used in Barry Can't Swim's "El Layali" and we're happy to report that it incorporates a sample from Egyptian-Libyan singer Hamid Al Shaeri's "Ouda" (1988).

It skillfully reimagines and expands upon the evocative sounds of "Ouda", creating a captivating blend that showcases the seamless integration of diverse musical influences.

posted by Lu
February 2022