BD3 is on fire! The Brooklyn-based MC is one of this generation's most inspiring wordsmiths and after 2 dope features - "Brush" and "CLOTH TALKS" it's time for yet another jewel in his crown.

"TOXiC", taken from his SUNNYDALE II release, features frequent collaborator Unkle Nephew and the one and only Jermaine Holmes who was on our own record label thanks to his TromBobby collaboration "4U". The Grammy winner and his angelic voice are a perfect fit for the smooth flow of BD3. An absolute dream team.

There's an instant feeling of cool as soon as the track kicks off. I appreciate the slick guitar chords in the background and of course, the tight and minimal beat which is a centerstage to geniuses at work.

BD3 elaborates, "This is a tale of accountability. Hip Hop all grown up and heartfelt."

posted by Ivo
last month