The joint work of Beau Diako and emawk has been historically. Highly emotive and gentle, their new collab "Birthmark" dropped this morning and it is the perfect soundtrack to a slow, but sun-drenched February Friday. A worthy successor to "Buttermilk" which they released in 2019.

Beau has been on our radar since 2019, and I believe I'm not out line by saying he's one of the artists we're most excited about here on the team. The ability to fluidly travel through genres and create a subtle, yet captivating neo-soul guitar experience is impeccable. I also admire his abiity to pick collaborators, including emawk whose sultry vocals send "Birthmark" in the alt r&b / dreampop sonic universe. This continues the journey toward his much-anticipated 2022 release Nylon scheduled for April this year.

The artist shares, “Emawk is one of the most talented musicians I know and it’s always inspiring to make music with him. Birthmark is a track I started a few years ago in my usual routine of layering guitars over and over again until I find the sound I like. Once I had the drums and other instruments working together around the guitars, I knew it was another song I would love to hear Emawk on. We’ve made a few songs together and this one is my favourite of the lot, a different sound and a bit more of a journey.”

If you crave more of Beau's sound, don't sleep on his previous singles - "Nylon" and "Fretless".

posted by Ivo
February 2022