After my captivating exploration of "Horizon" it's impossible to resist delving further into the musical world of BerryDeep, and it seems that every track holds a unique enchantment. The artist's mastery is evident in the deep, emotive soundscapes he effortlessly crafts, and "Riddle" also proves that.

The classical 2-pattern UK garage beat forms the rhythmic foundation that instantly hooks listeners, setting the stage for a distinct and irresistible groove. The ambient textures and warm piano key lead seamlessly weave together, creating an immersive landscape that captures the essence of both light and dark.

If "Horizon" provided a glimpse into the depths of BerryDeep's sound, "Riddle" continues this captivating narrative, and I am inviting you to venture deeper into his world of deep, ambient, dark electronica.

posted by Boris
August 2023