I stumbled upon this track coming home late after a tiring day and it fit so so well!

Beshken is originally an LA producer  now based in New York, and "Faceless" is the lead single off his upcoming Closed Doors EP. The production on this track is so smooth and mastered with an amazing drum beat. Featured here are the guitar and vocals of Gus Dapperton, a still unkown, young and talented american singer-songwriter. He reminds me of King Krule both look and melancholic-vibe-wise and has the same innate ability to craft melodic landscapes along his guitar and accompanying production that appear to be the best soundtrack for reminscing those long gone but forever bright memories. Check his stuff on his Soundcloud page

I hope the rest of your week runs along as smoothly as the beat of "Faceless" and have a chill weekend!

posted by Staff
January 2016