While this is our first feature of Bicep, I've been following the duo for some time now and their live at Primavera a few years ago was absolitely mind-blowing.

The guys just dropped their new single titled "Atlas" via Ninja Tune and I couldn't miss on featuring those 5 minutes and 53 seconds of pure trip. first This is the first release they do since 2018's Rain EP, and the track was originally set to be released in the same week as their sold-out back-to-back shows at O2 Academy Brixton. A live which due to the current circumstances is pushed to later this summer (like pretty much every live event). Andy and Matt share...

It would've been unthinkable to foresee the circumstances this track would be released in when we were making it. Our frame of mind was so positive then, fresh off the back of our live tour, full of excitement for the next phase.

"Atlas" was our attempt at summing up some of the euphoric moments we experienced on that tour across those two years. It feels like those moments are very far away for all of us right now, but we hope this serves as some form of distraction amidst all this chaos.

Ethereal vocal snatches, lush synths and broken percussion patterns - "Atlas" is nothing, but a true electronica treat. When it comes to the recording process, the Bicep share...

What we enjoyed most from playing tracks live is how flexible it was, for instance how an element from a track could be interpreted in many different ways and not be reliant on the rest of the original tune. Having the songs broken down in this way means we can really perform them in a drastically different way, based on the setting.

"Atlas" comes with a must-see video, which I highly recommend experiencing.

posted by Ivo
March 2020