First day back in the gym after 4 months and that's on a day Bicep shared a new track. Life is telling me I need to get back in shape!

This powerhouse titled "CHROMA 001 HELIUM" is the first step of the launch of their new project CHROMA which marks a notable progression for the duo, seamlessly integrating a record label and event series. The goal is to continue the innovative and ever-changing Bicep AV/DJ performance and pair with an exclusive visual identity crafted by David Rudnick and his Terrain studio.

I had the pleasure of seeing Andy and Matt live last year in London and it was one of my favourite shows to this day.

The electronic duo elaborates, "HELIUM was written specifically for our London Ally Pally shows at the end of 2022. The show felt a little too sweet in certain sections and we wanted to add some more grit into the show”. As a result “HELIUM”, they say, stands out as being "a bit darker and more club-focused than most of our music we have released over the past few years. Although it’s actually a pretty fair representation of what we’re listening to and playing in our DJ sets".

Chroma is set to serve as a hub for Bicep's distinctive underground club-focused productions, providing a dedicated space for showcasing their more niche and experimental musical experimentations. Beyond merely housing their own creations, Chroma also aims to function as a dynamic platform where Bicep can share a broader spectrum of their musical styles with a diverse audience.

It's interesting to see the evolution of the label and the role it plays in today's landscape where clearly the traditional framework doesn't always work.

posted by Ivo
5 weeks ago