Bicep's Isles but Andy and Matt (and Ninja Tune) haven't closed the chapter just yet. The Belfast electronic duo are back in our feed, mind and ears with the Delux edition if the album which brings to life 3 new tracks.

As soon as I saw Clara La San's name I knew that "Siena" is going to be my personal winner. Don't get me wrong - "Meli (I)" and "Light" are gorgeous, but the dark instrumental and punchy drums paired with Clara's vocals are beyond this world. When it comes to “Siena” they share,

“This track took many forms in the demo stage including much more melodic versions and multiple vocal directions. In the end, a much more restrained track felt best, letting Clara’s vocals shine. We’re both excited to develop this and explore the other versions in our live shows.”

The guys recently headlined BBC 6's Music Festival and the imagery, sound and feel was just superb.

posted by Ivo
April 2021