I really love how hard it is to define a genre of a song nowadays.

Today's bliss comes from Black Hibiscus, a 22-year-old Nigerian artist you should definitely keep an eye on. "FAST LOVE" is the title track from his new EP, out via our friends at DOLO - a seamless fusion of soft rock vibes of the 60s with contemporary indie influences reminiscent of Khruangbin or Alt-J, and the smoothness of r&b/neo-soul. With intimate storytelling but a bright overall vibe, the song revolves around the poignant words of the chorus "fast love sets slow, don’t you know" - a reminder that despite the conclusion of a relationship, love continues to live eternally.

FAST LOVE is his most intimate project of Black Hibiscus to date, as the project delves into the intricacies of a romantic connection. The narrative unfolds chronologically, chronicling the journey of falling for a close companion, the gradual descent into love and obsession, the exploration of sexuality and lust, and culminating in nostalgic reflections on the shared love.

Make sure to check the full EP in order and the music video for "FAST LOVE" - they're all simply delightful.

posted by Nasko
December 2023