"Pass By" is an outstanding soulful hip-hop collaboration between 3 super talented UK artists & producers. Bristol-based MC Blacksmith, South East London songstress Sydney Bryce, and Jackie Marua crafted this beautiful song in London, and this was actually their first studio session together, which deserves big ups. You can clearly hear how smoothly they approached this artistically & musically, and what a great symbiosis they had with each other during the process.

Punchy beat, playful arrangement and melodicism, wavy harmonies, and soundscapes, all of which perfectly compliments the emotive rapping lines by Blacksmith and the velvet voice of Sydney Bryce.

"The song is an introspective look on self-reflection and the journey we all go through when having to soul search but remaining optimistic over hurdles we all face.", shares Jackie Marua

The song has already got fantastic support from BBC Introducing, DJ MK & Shotree Blitz.

The official video to the song was premiered on GRM Daily, directed by Candy Farm. Enjoy it below.

posted by Boris
March 2023