If somebody had told me that the musical talents behind Blaenavon are just 17 years old, the only logical answer would have been "GTFO, dude". There is something incredibly inspiration when stumbling upon such mature sound from young people like the British trio! The first time I had such feeling was in the late 90s when I was introduced to Silverchair...good times!

I really don't feel like comparing Blaenavon to anyone else out there and despite the fact that there are few influences I pick up here and there, I really think that the guys have manged to shape their own sound. "Prague" is definitely shooting up the band up my on-the-lookout list for 2013! Loving the dynamics and the switch between emotional tranquility and pure rock and raw bashing. Their upcoming EP Koso will be released in September, let's hope there will be more pleasant surprised ahead of us!

posted by Ivo
August 2013