For the second time today, I'll be presenting another astounding Aussie artist. If Blasko is a name that hasn't appeared on your radar yet, then I must say that you were unfortunate... until today!

He came into the spotlight shortly after the debut of his 7-track album, Blasko In Love Pt. 1, which was released under Majestic Casual and Yonizon. It not only showcases his expertise but also features collaborations with other fresh upcoming talents as well. With Blasko it's like attempting to walk on quicksand. All it takes is one listen and you'll have him looped before you even realize.

"Another Love" (produced by Tentendo) alone has already racked up 1.5 million listens on Spotify; so imagine what the figures look like elsewhere. Overall, it's a tranquil electronic tune that pairs so gorgeously with his honeyed and sultry vocals. It's also the perfect listen for when you're in need of a de-stress. Now, how can that not be dangerously addicting?

posted by Zuli
January 2019