Earlier this month, the Belgian uprising electronic producer blauwer released his 2nd single entitled "joey".

Ever since we featured his debut release "malaika" not long ago I was amazed by his musical talent and sound, but what really got my attention was the fact that I didn't know him because I am the type of person who really goes deep in researching for new upcoming electronic artists, well it appears that "deep" is very subjective haha, but that's not so important because I am delighted that we found him.

His new track hits you from the first second with its uplifting breakbeat pulsation, supported by playful & spacious synths and emotive soundscapes. Bert is crafting an absolute vibe that marginally teeters between calming and dance-friendly.

"joey" can be your best friend until the last chord in your next morning rave or your focused-work session.

posted by Boris
February 2023