Now that Bon Iver confirmed another album and re-ignition of the band (more info coming soon), we had to mark this with a song. I think it's one of the last available Bon Iver song on SoundCloud we haven't featured.

I guess it's the kind of song to grab a glass of wine and just... drink it? I tried to come up with something profoundly significant, but I couldn't end up the sentence. If this doesn't touch you in any way or makes the inner child inside of you weep a tear, my dear friend, we have a situation here! Joke aside, this is utterly magnificent.

It's been seriously ages since I had the time to write down one of those long and philosophically insignificant posts where I rarely manage to direct my thoughts into one direction, but I have the feeling this would be one of them. Plus, I had just realized I hit 1 000 000 post views and even though I take this data with a grain of salt (no offense Darius, I love you), lets assume it happened and perhaps it is some sort of milestone I could use to just sit down and write.

I guess the feeling I have when thinking about it is a sense of freedom or liberation. You know, I just sit behind this laptop somewhere and after few clicks few hunread people around the world are reading this. It's weirdly funny. Also it made me nerveous back in the days, but I think  the balance between being personal and not is usually pretty okay-ish. Bla, OK.

So, I was reading this interview the other day and the person said we often realize where we're going before we find ourselves there. And despite the fact it sometimes sucks or catches us off guard, it is quite true. You know, people are often scared what will happen with their careers, worry about that next job, what skill to learn or feel overwhelmed with how much we actually don't know, but at the end of the day all one needs is just hearing "it all is going to be alright". Simple as that. 2 years ago, around this time, I had no job prospects, uni was over and could barely afford paying my rent and my weekly ALDI groceries. Thinking about it now makes me happy and it kind of proves the point I'm trying to make - everything is going to be alright guys (in case you need to hear this).

In that line of thought, I feel that sometimes our generation faces the issue caused by the huge availability of information, which creates the constant internal push to learn more and more and more. And the more you read and learn the more you feel that you should actually push for even more knowledge. I hope you follow my thoughts because I surely don't.

*the song was over, so I'll add another one in case you get bored*

Since this post is not deep enough, and every Bon Iver post must have a solidly engraved philosophical discussion, the other thing which made me think was something related to the fact that who we are and who we become is closely tied to the people we care about and the people around us who care about us. Earlier today someone shared with me their disappointment in a friend followed by the quote "you know, people come and go", but it shouldn't be always that way.

It is hard to find special people nowadays, despite having the whole Internet in our hands. People who make you feel brave and comfortable. People to rely on and have fun with. People who make you feel that "it all is going to be alright". People who's absence in your life feels not right. People who don't care whether you're at you best or worst, because you all are just awesome whatever you do. If all of that is true, well, it must mean something, isn't it?

Lastly, if someone has made it so far in this post, I just wanted to say it out loud, because it has been on my chest for some time. Doing Stereofox is really overwhelming at times. For the whole team. Squeezing this between our daily jobs and life issues is often a huge burden and this applies for many of the great people on this time. I am lucky to be able to talk with them every once in a while. While I can't be really supportive and keep track of everything, I know it takes heart to do this, which makes me so happy. However, the joy and warmth it gives to us (the team) goes beyond all those things. We do it because we love music and we love you.

posted by Ivo
May 2015