When Zach Braff released his movie Wish You Were Here in 2014 and Bon Iver dropped "Heavenly Father" (one of the tracks from the OST), I remember I literally felt out of this world. Stating how amazing Bon Iver are is pretty much redundant, but I have to say I'm quite stoked about our new release which features a remix of live version of the song.

We teamed up with Australian producer/multi-instrumentalist Oliver Munch for the release of his perfect take on an "Heavenly Father" acapella performed at the Sydney Opera House.

I've been producing for about 6 years but have only recently felt my music is at a level that I'm comfortable sharing it with others. I actually saw Bon Iver in Tokyo earlier in the year and when I saw they had played an acapella version of this track at the Vivid Live festival in Sydney, it really inspired me to work on something with Justin Vernon's incredible voice.

Zac (the person behind Oliver Munch moniker) does seriously outstanding work when it comes to breaking the acapella version and adding just the right amount of external instruments. Drawing inspiration from being out in the nature (I guess like most Australians), he's aiming to create spacious sounds which I think you'll feel in this track. When it comes to genres, he states:

I find the thought of genre's quite restricting so I spend a lot of time trying to mix as many of my tastes as possible when composing.

Hope you guys enjoy this beautiful rendition of "Heavenly Father". Feel free to grab a free copy here.

posted by Ivo
July 2016