A joyous Friday for all funk, disco and electronic fans out there!

UK duo Bondax took 80s disco act Dur-Dur Band's "Yabaal" and turned it into the best way to say bye to summer. The groove is strong in this one!

Dur-Dur band was formed in Mogadishu, Somalia in the early 80s and have been amongst the most prominent acts in the scene at the time because of their unique way of blending funk, disco and soul into one excellent package. I was doing some research on them and found out that there's a Dur Dur Band International is a London-based revival band paying homage to the original band.

I'll admit - that was the first time I stumbled upon them, but it was interesting to get to know the history and listen to some of their music!

Today, however, the spotlight is on the energy which Bondax fused into the original. Polished kicks and a splash of modern electronic elements make the original truly shine. A must-add to your groovy playlists, for sure.

If you're curious to hear the original, here it is.

posted by Ivo
last month