Another joyful day for the fans of electronic music. Simon Green AKA Bonobo is back with "ATK" - his first single since the release of his new album Fragments (via Ninja Tune) which we covered back in January.

“ATK was made around the same time as Fragments. Initially a DJ edit of Atakora Manu’s track Dada, it became something fuller and a track of its own. I felt it was a little too bashy to fit on the album and wanted to save it as an OUTLIER release to be aimed more at the dance floor.” shares Bonobo aka Simon Green.

For those curious - Atakora Manu was an influential Ghanaian guitarist, composer, and studio engineer that formed the legendary Kakaiku No. 2 Band in the late ‘60s.

I am not sure if this is a hint for something big coming up for Bonobo (besides his ongoing world tour), but it's today's reason to absolutely love music.

The tune is accompanied by official music video directed by the McGloughlin Brothers (A$AP Rocky, Max Cooper) that takes the viewer on a train ride through multiple textures, landscapes and shapes of all different scale.

posted by Ivo
September 2022