Riding tram number M10 in Berlin is a fairly insignificant experience. Besides a short glimpse of a park on the way, labeling the travel as "boring"  won't be an over-exaggeration. Gray buildings, long and pretty straight boulevards, people. Needless to say - crowded in rush hours. The only positive thing about the M10 is riding it after 8PM. Free seats. Free seats as far as your eyes can see and you can read a book/listen to music. I started reading The Catcher In The Rye recently and today was accompanied by the sounds of Bonobo. Yeah, I know I'm developing unhealthy obsession with this guy, but f*%# me - these sounds are gold.

So, yeah - I was reading the novel by Salinger, and "Recurring" was on repeat for about 20 minutes. M10 didn't seem so boring after all. Also, Days To Come should be part of your music library.

posted by Ivo
February 2014