Just a few weeks after completing his Migration tour, Bonobo surprised us with a new 3 track EP titled BAMBRO KOYO GANDA.

Based on the title, as you can imagine, the release features one of my favourite Migration tracks "Bambro Koyo Ganda" featuring Moroccan / New York-based band Innov Gnawa. In addition, there's an analogue version of the track and also the reason for today's post - a song titled "Samurai".

The song is absolutely stunning and I would imagine to have been planned for the original Migration album. The 5 minutes and 41 seconds feel so well planned and the sound expansion is just... flawless. It's actually pretty awesome early morning rave track (listening to this on my way to work).

Going back to the EP, the analog version of "Bambro" is also quite listen-worthy. It strips away a lot of the original atmosphere and focuses on the hypnotic chanting and acoustic flavour of Innov Gnawa's pure sound.

posted by Ivo
June 2017