Days go by and Bonobo's Migration album sound image slowly starts to make sense. Today's song feature choice - "Surface" is the only track ever, like ever to have given me a feeling of legitimate desperation and fear about something going terribly wrong. I guess that's the biggest compliment I could give to a track - not only it seriously affects the inner self, but also managed to create a feeling I haven't really experienced before.

The song features the vocals of my favourite Nicole Miglis of Hundred Waters (don't miss out on this band, they are extraordinary) and to be honest while Bonobo is without saying doing hell of a job, it's Nicole who makes "Surface" what it is. Haunting, terrifying, but beautiful and somehow elevating.

It would be extremely difficult to put into words the whole listening experience, but while I was listening the track on the bus to work, I constantly felt that something horrible will happen, like painfully horrible and I will endure a great amount of physical and emotional pain.

I don't want to sound gnarly or anything, but it does evoke such feelings while listening. In a weird, awesome way. Seriously, one of the most infectious songs I've heard in ages. That percussion samples Bonobo uses every 2 counts to solidify the sound of Nicole's vocals - flawless.

posted by Ivo
January 2017