OK, since we're on the groovy unusual vibe, following the latin breakbeats of Senor Griff, I felt like we could go on with this super leisure summer feeling.

Recorded at the Red Bull Studio in Cape Town, this next collaboration between the Portuguese producer Branko, Mr. Carmack and Nonku Phiri is quite exotic and genre-blending tune. I guess put shortly, this is the reason why music is beautiful. The more I've been playing this the past week, the more I enjoyed it. I guess the different cultural/geographical upbringings of the 3 artists collide perfectly! So, Branko is from PT, Mr. Carmack is from Hawaii and Nonku Phiri... I can't really tell actually, yet. Either way - this is seriously good music.

The tune is part of Branko's debut solo album Atlas which you can pre-order above.

posted by Ivo
August 2015