In the winter of 2011, Bronze Whale emerged as a sonic force, born from the collaborative efforts of music veteran and drummer Aaron Jaques and the fresh perspective of newcomer Benny Alley. From the outset, they carved their niche with high-profile remixes, swiftly establishing themselves as new voices in the industry.

Fast forward to the present. Bronze Whale, in collaboration with Sofasound, unveils their latest musical venture called "Switched On", featuring the distinctive vocal stylings of VoxOnUs. The song is a mix of dance beats, indie feels, and a dash of old-school house, creating a vibe that's just happy and carefree. Seriously, this track is like an instant dance party starter. You can't help but move!

The narrative takes an intriguing turn with the introduction of VoxOnUs, whose soulful vocals add layers of depth and emotion to the composition. Benny's rap-style vocal delivery, a departure from the norm, further enriches the track.

"Switched On" is not just a standalone single, it serves as the inaugural glimpse into Bronze Whale & Sofasound's forthcoming Couch Mammals EP, coming your way in 2024. The genesis of this collaborative project began years ago when Aaron reached out to the South Florida multi-instrumentalist Sofasound. What followed was a blossoming friendship, a bunch of remixes, and the birth of the Couch Mammals EP.

A delightful teaser for the upcoming EP that promises more good vibes and creativity. So, get ready to dive into the world of Bronze Whale, Sofasound, and VoxOnUs. It's gonna be a ride!

posted by Boris
November 2023