If there's someone I would credit for my love for 2-step garage and jungle that's Burial. Personally, I find his music as some of the most intimate and dark sonic universes one could experience.

Untrue is going to turn 13 years this year and is still one of the most prolific and relevant albums in electronic music. Drawing inspirations from rave, techno, ambient, dubstep and garage, Burial really wrote history with this record. I remember back in those days I was really into post-rock and guitar-driven music, and then this music came along - a sound which was very far from what I loved, and yet felt very relatable. The whole darkness and the feeling of beautiful desperation was something that definitely felt "close" to what I was listening to, so it made the transition quite smooth. It was so addictive.

Not sure why I thought of "Archangel" a few days ago, but I haven't stopped listening to it ever since. It couldn't fit these days any better. A perfect soundtrack to Berlin in January and everything around me. The track always felt as if this weird invisible hand reaches for your soul and just twists it to the point it makes it disappear. That being said, there's something epic in the whole composition. It is the sound equivalent of staring inside of a Black Hole.

posted by Ivo
January 2020