2 artists that have built a legacy together. Today we welcome legendary C-MO and TromBobby for yet another smooth and sexy gem that will melt your soul.

"UNDER/GONE" is taken from C-MO's upcoming solo EP APEIRON (Apr 30th) which we're honored to welcome on Stereofox.

The inception of the song started years ago, the talented singer shares. "This song was inspired by 2 fleeting summers. I wrote it at a songwriting camp back in 2022. I was kinda lonely because no one wanted to collaborate, so I sat down in the backyard and started working on it. I was inspired by the transient nature of every summer." And while the song pays tribute to summer & its carefree times, I find something very nostalgic about it. A prime example of C-MO's monstrous vocals which one needs to hear live at least once in their lives.

Simo elaborates, "I couldn’t have done it without my brother by spirit, TromBobby , who took that inspiration and elevated it beyond what I had envisioned and thought to be possible. Now I actually like listening to it!". Hands down, the production is one of the tightest out there, like anything Bojidar touches and damn some of those drum fills!

Listen to "UNDER/GONE" on all major platforms here.

posted by Ivo
last month