The only relation I have with the name "Candyland" is that which I associate with my favorite childhood board game. This game consists of a journey through various fields of sweets and encounters with vibrant creatures;  "Speechless" by the EDM duo, Candyland, produces the same fantastical illusions for me and is, ironically enough, not much different from that cardboard adventure.

Originally from Santa Barbara, California, Josie and Ethan are the epic pair that make up Candyland. This specific track "Speechless" caught my attention within the first few seconds of its synth-intonations, which were both upbeat and compelling. Candyland's counterpart in this pop-inspired tune is RKCB, whose smooth vocals and melodies make for an even better experience for listeners.

I've been caught up in a cloud of somber, winter-inspired songs lately - thankfully Candyland  has left me speechless, as I am reminded by this track both of a memory from my youth and of the summer season.

Check out tour dates and more of their fresh stuff here.

posted by Staff
February 2016