Imagine if Caribou, ATRIP, and Jasper Tygner were set to create music that's designed to be played on a self-discovery mountain hike where the end destination is a rave with your best friends. That's what CARMICHAEL's new single "Nothing Left" sounds like.

Starting in Glasgow, the sonic journey of Harry Wright (AKA CARMICHAEL) represents his own adventures while discovering not only the richness of melodic techno, UK garage, electronica, and blissful downtempo, but also a new place - the vibrant city of Leeds. Harry has already made some waves in the local scene and his music has led to well-deserved praises from BBC Introducing and CLASH.

"Nothing Left" emanates intimacy while remaining danceable, drawing from a realm where heartfelt vocals intertwine with ambient and organic soundscapes. This delicate fusion is complemented by the rhythmic pulse of techno/garage-influenced drums and woodland percussion, creating a harmonious balance.

This is the kind of track that gives me goosebumps. It is making me weirdly sad, but at the same time I appreciate the energy it gives me. Sometimes dancing is the best way to deal with those emotions and this song is certainly a place that feels like home.

posted by Ivo
March 2024