Oh, sweet mother of autumn.

Can't imagine a better team than Carmody, Alfa Mist & Laura Misch that goes alongside the gloomy weather outside in one of the last days of November. Sweet melancholy, uptempo jazz drums, playful but touching keys and sax that speaks to your soul. Carmody shares:

This song was written with Alfa Mist, we wanted to create a record exploring the concept of ‘memory’ and although it was never released, I recently contacted him and asked if I could use this song for my album. It is a song about carrying your memories with you and making them a part of your every day, in spite of the people or things you lose along the way. Laura Misch is playing a beautiful sax line in the chorus, which really brought the piece to life.

"Memory" is off her recently announced debut album Imperfect Constellations, out July 6th, 2022 via Young Poet. It will be split into four separate "constellations" – with each constellation housing tracks that are all thematically linked. So, "Memory" is released as Constellation A ("a group of songs that explore how we remember", as she calls it), paired with her previously released "Replace" & the new "Still", which is also an utterly gentle beauty.

posted by Nasko
November 2021