This Friday just got way more beautiful.

A new single from Carmody is out today, called "Morning" - and another taste from her much-anticipated album Imperfect Constellations, due July 6th.

The track is part of the next single series Constellations B and involves her long-time collaborators Tom Misch (co-writer) and Conor Albert (percussion & synths). With Carmody's signature mellowness and light vocals, the composition is about loss & acceptance and also carries certain melancholy. She elaborates:

"Morning" is about grief and the way the world continues even after someone you love has died. It’s also about hope, the idea that although they’re not physically present you can carry them with you in your mind. I wrote the track with Tom Misch, who also produced it and recorded some eerie, but beautiful, high-pitched ooo’s, as well as playing a solo guitar line. Conor Albert made the drum beat and also recorded some wondrous synth lines.

posted by Nasko
January 2022