Hard to find a better start of the day than seeing a new Catching Flies track! 'Komorebi' is a new track from the elusive man, whom I remember finding out about during my endless searches for music that brings those Bonobo-like vibes. His debut album The Long Journey Home was a truly captivating listen, which I often come back to, despite it being released more than 3 years ago.

The British artist has been slowly gearing up to release his highly anticipated (by us at the Fox at least) album by releasing "Change of Hearts" earlier this year, and now "Komorebi". The track is free to download so make sure you grab a copy and build up the anticipation. This album will be a special experience. Catching Flies is one of those artists who take the necessary time to fully develop their project, before releasing it to the world.

P.S.: For those of you who are also Emancipator fans, Mr. Flies dropped a remix of 'Father King' recently, which is worth a listen to keep those autumn vibes going. Two of my personal favourite artists collaborating together. Enjoy.

posted by Staff
November 2016