"The Last Phone Call" hit me right in the feels. Catching Flies dropped his new album Tides on the 5th of April and while giving this goodness a listen, "The Last Phone Call" really caught my attention. It's quite a short one and almost feels like an intermission kind of track, but it somehow made me think about Frank Ocean's "Good Guy". Probably because they both use beautiful spoken words in these two songs.

"The Last Phone Call" is the embodiment of Catching Flies' music - intricate, layered, emotional and so gorgeous. The song's spoken word combines a voice note from a friend and a vocal he recorded accidentally somewhere in the park. If this ain't talent, I don't know what is.

This week he also debuted the official music video of the track, directed by Greg Barnes (Kamaal Williams, Nicholas Godin, Black Country New Road). The visual was inspired by the 1983 film Local Hero and plays on the voice note featured in the track, setting a phone booth in isolation against a secluded beach.

posted by Anna
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