Oh, what a treat that is.

The constant creative drive of some of the most amazing artist out there - singer Amber Navran (of Moonchild), keyboardist, clarinet player and producer Jacob Mann, and singer, trumpet player & producer Phil Beaudreau (worked with Dr. Dre, Lalah Hathaway & more).

Their brand-new project is called Catpack, named after the meow-like synth sounds they're using and the cat-themed lyrics. Connecting through friendship and their common love for soul, jazz & funk, as well as cats, they're aiming for warm, feel-good & playful music.

Their debut single "What I've Found", out via Tru Thoughts, is about "being sick of holding back and not taking up too much space". Amber elaborates, "Sometimes, in the journey of finding your inner strength and knowing your worth, people close to you become uncomfortable with you taking up more space. They’re used to the small version of you, or their own self-worth is tied to their perceived position above you. This song is a middle finger to the people who can’t love you as you shine brighter and brighter and a love letter to the new, beautiful you". 

You'll immerse yourself in a lot of groove & soul, mesmerizing & super interesting compositions/sound design, and both Phil & Amber's gorgeous voices that work so, so well together.

posted by Nasko
January 2024