Caye's new single "SOME LAKES" is that weekend happiness that takes over when you realzie you have 2 full days with the one you love. I don't know why it reminds me of breakfasts with my family as a kid.

The artist shares, "SOME LAKES is a love song about meeting my girlfriend in Israel. Walking down a crowded beach, swimming in the ocean, unfazed by all the people around, only focused on each other. Love is a powerful thing, and when it’s present, you see everything in abundance. When it’s lacking, the world runs dry, along with our inspiration."

Not sure why, but this track hits the soft spot in me. It kind of brings out the urge to go and tell all those important people in my life how much they mean to me. Not my typical sound, but damn I love it.

This is the first time I stumble upon Caye, but he has already built quite alot of traction. What stood out for me was his falsetto. Building on his classical training by experimenting with jazz, hip hop, calypso, and reggae, he defies genre to create a signature sound that is all his own.

Inspired by the creative freedom of Bon Iver (something I picked from the autotune-like singing at times), the soul-moving rhythms of Bob Marley, and the lyrical genius of Kanye West, the artist creates music that’s as captivating as it is technically complex.

The fact that he creates music that's so soul touching is enough for me to add him to my 'ones to watch' list. Absolutely captivating and staggering.

posted by Ivo
August 2022