Starting off this week with the delightful Celine Love and her new mellow piece via Unity Records - "Silver Lining". A gorgeous r&b song, with delicate touches of folk (thanks to the heart-warming guitars) and varied vocals, full of melancholy, nostalgia, and a bit of hope - especially towards the end when her vocals take the song to the next level.

Celine elaborates on the beautiful & touching meaning behind it: "Friendship bracelets weren't enough, to hold on to us" is my favorite lyric. It means that a simple childhood bond is not enough to upkeep an adult friendship. Voicenotes throughout the song (in German & English) are from friends describing how and why we lost touch. This song is a lesson, a vibrant yet melancholic and honest apology to those I’ve left behind."

The song is the first single off her upcoming EP Colouring In.

posted by Nasko
November 2022