Ever since MisterWives covered Chance The Rappers "Same Drugs", I've been finally pushing myself to discover more of his music because while he's been one of the most prominent names over the past few years, I just never got into his sound.

That changed when I stumbled upon his latest release "Summer Friends" featuring Jeremih and The Lights. Absolutely out-of-the-box vibe and production works, very gospel-inspired and I have to say - I really dig his rapping style. Very subtle, if that makes any sense.

The collaboration, which is part of his latest album Colouring Book (released March this year), already took its well-deserved space on the Internet, scoring few millions plays, so yeah - time to finally jump on that bandwagon.

Nah, joke aside this is seriously amazing song. At least to me - it just feels utterly peaceful - hope you guys enjoy!

posted by Ivo
August 2016