Chloe Moore is a US-based singer and songwriter and someone whose music can transcend your body and mind back in time.

There's nothing better than closing your eyes and opening your entirety to her new single "Heaven". Kicking off with cosmic synths and a short, but intense switch, Chloe doesn't shy away from stripping everything away and letting her vocals shine on top of a perky bassline. If I had vocal abilities like her I would do exactly the same. Naturally, then everything evolves into the fully-fledge symphony of greatness that the track is. Instant love in my book.

"Heaven", her third-only ever single, is more than enough of a reason to pay attention to what Chloe has to say.

"I starting writing and producing this song literally 5 years ago in my dorm at Belmont and always knew I wanted to release it, but could never seem to get it exactly how I wanted it to be.", she elaborates on Instagram.

posted by Ivo
4 weeks ago