Few weeks ago we received a submission that truly moved me. Not only musically, but also emotionally. I've been writing and deleting paragraphs for the past 15 minutes and it seems I just cannot express the emotions this next submission evoked in me. This is the story of a simple man and his passion for music. There won't be any special production effects nor exceptional quality, but I bet you - this is music in its purest form. Below is the mail we got from Chris. On the behalf of many from the team, I would like to wish him all the best because this guy deserves to be heard.

I can't afford studio time, or even a decent mic. But I've been recording a sort of "musical journal" for some years now. Every song is a direct response to an event in my life - I've never sat down and said that I should write a good song so people will listen to it and enjoy it. Instead, I write on the fly and record what I'm feeling at the moment. This is my music. It's low quality, but true. Thanks.

posted by Ivo
August 2013