Today we wrap a wonderful and soulful journey of 4 creative minds that aims to explore the depths of melodic dance melancholia.

Disappear is a 4-track project curated by Chris Savor alongside 3 wonderful artists including Ollie Heron, 2FarAway, and Jason Uechi.

"When choosing collaborators, you look for sounds and emotions that reflect the ones you want to express at that exact moment. The EP brought together the individual experiences of 4 artists, joining our viewpoints and emotions into singular expressions. We wanted to explore deep, melancholic sounds that create space for reflection and take listeners on emotive journeys to all the places they need to go. The title is derived from the first track that sparked this body of work, Disappear. That collaboration allowed me to disappear from situations that had been holding me back and start an entirely new direction.", Chris elaborates.

The title track “Disappear” was beautifully crafted by UK producer Ollie Heron who was inspired by Savor’s gorgeous vocals and lyrical direction. He aimed to create a deep melancholic soundscape with chill house drums and R&B-inspired chords that add an ethereal and dreamy vibe. Ollie is a talented UK-based producer who has previously worked with labels like Lilly Era and ChillYourMind. On “Disappear”, Savor elaborates, “I wrote the lyrics of the song about needing to escape a negative relationship – one that I had invested so much in but I had to go. I needed to create what my friend calls ‘safe distance’. Ghosting gets a bad rep but sometimes it’s necessary.

Honestly, this track helped me through some weird moments lately and it is just so emotional, it could feel overwhelming at times. The beauty of music.

Stream the full EP on all platforms here.

posted by Ivo
last month