I've been sending around this tune to friends for the past week or so and everyone gets back to me with messages like "oh, when are we partying next?" or "this put me in the ultimate groove state" and truth be told - that's pretty much the best reflection of reality. Seconds after hitting the play button on that "Loveblind" FybeOne remix, I was mentally sent to somewhere where shuffling is the only thing one could do.

The original - Christa Vi's smooth "Liveblind" was released some 6 months ago along with a few spot-on remixes including today's highlight. The London-based singer has an outstanding voice and all that is perfectly transformed into a groovy house delight thx to her fellow countryman FybeOne.

If you're curious about the original - I've added it below. I hope that's a good kick-start for the day!

posted by Ivo
November 2016