Not gonna lie, I love that chromonicci switched to neo soul.

If you've been following him closely, a little over a year ago, the amazing producer (with one of the most distinctive approaches, I must say) dropped a surprise single "Mind Games." - which had him singing. And since then, he seems to be exploring this untapped potential of his more & more.

Today, cromonicci released "SunLove.", the 1st single from his upcoming album. I think this might be the most soulful tune he's had to date, with soft, slightly hazy vocals, playful, yet subtle synths, and his signature groove in the production. But hearing chromonicci's voice in such a heartfelt manner literally melts my soul. And that vocalization at the end... magic!

If that's how the project starts, I can't imagine what he'll have for us on the album.

posted by Nasko
last month