Get ready for silky vocals and a song which exhales nothing else but good vibes and a warm feeling of love. Claire Reneé's new single "LOL" which has been produced by eu-IV is nothing short than perfection.

2 absolutely lovely people working together means only one thing. An absolutely lovely track. I paid really close attention to the lyrics which I find a key element in the composition and sound of "LOL" (or Love Out Loud).It seems that the track is a strong and empowering message from Claire to the outside world. Definitely pay close attention to the words wrapped with her soothing, beautiful voice:

i don't want my love to be a secret

A big up goes to our friend eu-IV for creating a stellar beat base to build upon. The guy is an absolute machine when it comes to instrumental hip hop and if you want to know more about Travon, check out our interview with him.

"LOL" is the first single off her upcoming EP titled Let Me Glo. I think it's pretty good reason to be excited for this release and be sure we will be keeping you up to date with Claire's sound adventures.

posted by Ivo
March 2017