Classik (real name Charles Monterozza) is hip hop artist hailing from Toronto, Canada. He has also worked with producers we love and respect here on Stereofox - Karmawin and CrazyJaZz. For him, rap has always been more than just music; it is a lifeline. Growing up, hip hop gave Charles a voice when words failed, allowing him to express emotions that he couldn't articulate in his daily life.

With a knack for the golden age of hip hop, Classik's new release "1995" encapsulates the quintessential 90s hip-hop vibe with its robust drums, catchy samples, and timeless flow.

Drawing inspiration from icons like B.I.G, Mobb Deep, Nas, Q-Tip, and J Dilla, this laid-back boom bap track makes a perfect soundtrack to a hazy afternoon filled with head-bopping.

posted by Ivo
last month