Ever since I discovered Callan Alexander, the person behind cln, has never stopped to impress me. His approach to producing and his signature vocals make him quite the unique artist who easily stands out in the crowd.

His latest track "Breathe" is the perfect example for this where he wrote, produced and sung everything. The lushful, rather heavy instrumentals and his emotionally charged voice are nothing short but perfection. The future beat-like kick and the synths he's using create quite the intense ambiance and if you add "breathe darling, breathe" repetition.

The song is a short, but intense sound escape from this world.

Speaking on the creative process behind "breathe", Callan shares:

I mostly make music really late at night. I think that’s when my best ideas come out. When I’m fully alert, I tend to overanalyse things and get rid of my best ideas. The original idea for this song came about at around 3am, I think it was while I was preparing for my first US tour [last September].

I’ve tried my best not to over think this song. I wanted to keep the initial idea as close to its original state as possible. I suppose that way, the final product is more honest, taken straight from my sleep-deprived brain.

posted by Ivo
May 2017