Swinging perfectly between dance-friendly & loungey, the established Melbourne electronic/house duo Close Counters are back with another perfection.

"WHEREVER YOU GO" comes in pair with "IN NEED OF LOVE" and explores the smoother side of their music and revolves around vocal samples. They call it "a two-track care package of soulful dance songs for these tumultuous times". Full of groove and mellow vibes, both songs will certainly bring warmth to your heart and a smile to your face. The duo explains:

These two songs are explorations of the human voice as an instrument, using the recordings by Stevie and Lalah as the main focal point of these productions. We have such deep respect for these artists and the healing their music brings, we wanted to give these recordings new life by shifting them into a danceable realm whilst still doing justice to the music in the process. We want to honour the legacy and impact that black music, and particularly gospel and soul has on dance music over the world.
Continuing the art of sampling, these two songs started out as edits but took on a new energy as we added layers of synths, samples and percussion. We hope that the music hits the right places and brings some positivity no matter what your circumstances are!
100% of the proceeds from this release will go towards SupportAct, who have generously helped us and many other performing arts workers throughout the pandemic with crisis relief and mental health and well-being services.

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Close Counters · IN NEED OF LOVE
posted by Nasko
November 2021