The first time when I read about Coasta was in a Crime in Stereo post on Facebook  CiS were announcing some shows and the supporting bands. Expecting another melodic hardcore band, I rushed to Coasta's page to check them out and I was in for a big surprise. This band is just amazing, I can't even begin to describe how much I enjoy their debut EP - Sunzal. You can rarely hear five songs that are so different from each other and at the same time -  equally good.

Coasta is a new band that comes from Long Island, NY and is of course signed to my new favorite label - Run For Cover Records. I am so excited about them and their future recordings. This is the first song from their Sunzal EP called - "Young Blood" and it is beyond awesome! Check it out and keep an eye on Coasta, I think they will be huge!

posted by Staff
April 2013