Since I'm in the mood for all things beats and chill, thought I'd give you guys another one. I know, "Two posts in a day Zuli!?" -  that's a rarity coming from me since the days have been hectic.

I'm sure you guys remember my boy Cody G.? I wrote about a track of his called 'Sunday Strut' a couple months back, which I assume most of you liked. If so, no worries, I cover various genres. Ukulele and Chill. One of those songs with a title basically describes what it's all about. I can just feel the warmth of the sun on my skin whenever this comes on. And he features actual waves crashing as a backing instrumental. That's pretty dope!

Overall, this has been an utmost pleasure Cody my man, keep doing your thang.

posted by Zuli
November 2016