Oh, how can this be that smooth?

I guess it's pretty easy with a dream team of singers & producers from all over Europe. UK acts Collard & Raelle bring their delicate vocals above the impeccable drum groove, funky basslines & subtle warm keys of Berlin-based producer S. Fidelity & his Swiss colleague Gabiga. Fun fact is, that this was born in France on a songwriting camp.

Collard explains, “We all came together after only knowing each other after a day and trusted each other's creativity to make something beautiful. Raelle and I discussed the lyrical aim in depth dissecting the feelings associated with loss of love and how that can leave you unnerved and cynical. We also loved the idea of having these duet moments in the song as we both agreed that duets of male & female vocals have become too rare in today's music.”

The song is about anxiety connected to love, loss & life but it drips like honey while simultaneously making you nod along to the rhythm.

S. Fidelity elaborates, “It’s very easy to pinpoint the rare moments when everything just lines up perfectly and creating feels truly pure and effortless. 'Stolen' was one of those. The heat of the French sun meeting the dark thoughts in one's mind, marinating together in a magical way to make you dance.”

I have to agree, it's absolutely perfect.

posted by Nasko
November 2023